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Yew II by Bruce Daniels

Movement Example

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Yew II by Bruce DanielsYew II by Bruce Daniels
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How can the contained be expansive? How can we discover and dive into lushness, layers, and worlds within a boundaried space? What freedoms might be experienced within the confines of form? Bruce Daniels – one of the original artists essential to the development of GFS – has included many elements rich with symbolic significance in this sculpture, including a monkey wrench. After finding it, consider other layers of meaning present.

Movement: Think of a symbol that is significant to you. It does not have to have meaning to others, the importance is its value to you. Bring it strongly to mind with as much detail as possible. Notice if anything shifts in your body. Create four simple gestures that connect you to your symbol. Surround yourself with your symbol by performing the first gesture to the north, the second to the east, the third to the south, and fourth to the west.

Writing: Yew II is filled with incredible detail. Spend a few minutes taking it all in, then draw your attention closely to one small area. Let yourself absorb and be affected. Perhaps you notice the moss on the tree trunks, the lighter colored tips of the yew branches, the patina of the monkey wrench, or something else altogether. Write a 5 lined poem with 5 words on each line in praise of the closely examined microcosm you have just taken in. Monkey wrench: The very middle word – the third word of the third line – must be “you.” If you are on a roll, continue writing in this form until you feel complete or have reached 5 stanzas.

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