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2012 Filmmakers

Zena Bibler is a dancer, choreographer, and co-founder of The Movement Party with Kathryn Baer Schetlick. As a choreographer and filmmaker she is interested in improvisation structures and site-specific performance, using movement and film as a means of experiencing diverse environments, uncovering their histories, secret meanings, serendipities, and previously unimagined possibilities. Her live work has been shown at Movement Research @ Judson Church, Dixon Place, NADA Hudson, Gibney Dance Center, and Yale University. Her films have been shown domestically and internationally at La MaMa Galeria, WestFest, Rice University, São Carlos Videodance Festival, Village Cinemas East, FIVU (Uruguay) and 3rd Ward/Moviehouse. As a performing artist, she has danced in parks, windows, convents, gutters, steamships, stages, and city streets with Willi Dorner, Mariangela Lopez/Accidental Movement, Susana Cook, David Balula, Alexx Shilling, and the Movement Party. She holds an MA in Performance Studies from New York University with a focus on dance and site-specific composition, and a BA in History from Yale University.

Sarah Bodie, after training at the Academy of Dance Arts in Richardson, TX, attended Baylor University and graduated with a degree in Psychology. She then spent a few years living in and loving Los Angeles where she spent time there exploring how faith in God made sense with her love for dance. She worked within the music business and had the opportunity to help create a quirky video with the band Weezer. Soon after, she relocated to New York to continue to pursue her dance career. While in New York, she's had the privilege of dancing with a number of choreographers including Sarah Council, Ilana Weber, Brittany Antle, and Shandoah Goldman. She's also choreographed a number of music videos including Elaine Lachica's Never Fade and Brian Ballard's Three Legged Dog. “Dance is the fuel that fires all my passion, and the healer of my spirit on the broken days. I am a dancer and a choreographer who strives to creatively merge dance with music production and film. I enjoy collaborating with other artists to explore how dance and various other art forms can be woven together.” She hopes that when it's all said and done, she'll find that her life was part of a much grander story—a story about love, creation and hope.
Monica Gonzalez is from Stockton, NJ, and graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts in 2012. In her senior year of college she completed an Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis which explored the relationship between the dancing body on film and the experience of the viewer. She works independently on Dance for Camera projects, but is also a performer who has worked with dance artists such as Banu Ogan of the Cunningham Company, Jennifer Muller, Inbal Pinto, Danielle Agami of Batsheva, and Randy James.


Nadia Lesy, in 2008, established Bullettrun. Bullettrun’s first Parkour show, Physical Graffiti, premiered at The Brooklyn Lyceum to sold-out audiences. The Village Voice called Physical Graffiti a “jaw-dropping multimedia piece” and selected it for “Voices Choices.” Encouraged, Bullettrun premiered their first evening-length work at the NY International Fringe Festival, Al fresco, and received an Overall Excellence Award for Unique Theatrical Event. In August of 2010, Bullettrun performed Living On The Edge at the NY International Fringe Festival, which combined dramatic story telling with Parkour. Theatre critic Jack Hanley wrote of the show, “Living on the Edge signifies that the cast is representing people who aren’t doing back flips over a dumpster for the exercise. They’re people who are attempting to transform the numbing, industrial sprawl around them into an energized field of kinesthetic freedom.” In February of 2011, two Bullettrun videos were presented at the Dance On Camera Festival. In March of 2011, Bullettrun was invited to audition for America’s Got Talent, at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Their performance combined Parkour with Modern and Break Dancing. That same month, Bullettrun performed as a Parkour flash mob in Times Square to promote the release of Katty Perry’s latest single E.T. In 2011, Bullettrun was invited to perform at Triskelion's Collaborations In Dance festival.

Julie Troost is a graduate of Northwestern University and is a featured singer in Dara Friedman's critically acclaimed film, Musical (MoMA). A member of Fiona Templeton's company, The Relationship, she performed in Going (with Coming) at Chashama, Dixon Place, and Flow, at Oberlin Dance Collective, San Francisco. She has also danced with Ann And Alexx Make Dances and Noemie LaFrance. Julie is a recipient of the Rediscover Your Heart award, a member of the Lincoln Center Theater Director's Lab, and has been a resident artist at the Harold Arts Residency, Workspace for Choreographers, and the Cuts and Burns program at Outpost. Julie is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Marjolein Zijdel, from Gillette, New Jersey, is currently a Junior BFA dance major at Rutgers University, and a recently admitted Dance Education graduate student. In the past, she has worked with Cleo Mack and has performed at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick. At her time at Rutgers, she has worked with choreographers Julia Ritter and Doug Elkins. This year she also presented her own choreography and debuted as a stage manager.

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