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Triad by Elyn Zimmerman

Movement Example

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Triad by Elyn ZimmermanTriad by Elyn Zimmerman
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What groups of three are you a part of – in this moment, at home, in community? How is your own body a gathering, a meeting? What are the rough and smooth parts of you? What is lost when something is polished, what is gained? What of you shines and shimmers in the right light? Who are you then? Who are you in shadow? What does your shadow reflect?

Movement: Consider one or more of the above questions. Dance a short response. Repeat your danced response three times. Let each repetition be different in quality – play with speed, size, tone, etc. Try this at varying distances from the sculpture. Try it while moving around the work. Allow for breath and stillness between repetitions.

Writing: Consider the confluence that is you. Write an origin story of how you came together. Let it be as wild as you would like. Include the words three, rough, smooth, and stone. Write for at least 7 minutes without stopping.

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