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Three Graces by Toshiko Takaezu

Movement Example

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Three Graces by Toshiko TakaezuThree Graces by Toshiko Takaezu
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Notice the uniqueness of each figure. Consider the nuances of their hues, the subtle variations in patterns and textures. Consider the impact of seemingly small differences – here and in your life. Toshiko Takaezu was especially known for creating closed forms. As she said, “you can’t put anything in and you can’t take anything out.” Consider the completeness of the figures, individually and as a group. Imagine what the inside of each figure looks and feels like. Consider your own rich interior landscape. What is only for you? What do you long to open? Recall a time when you felt complete unto yourself.

Movement: Circle the sculpture. Stand in front of and then behind each figure. Linger there. Notice any sensations. Make yourself a fourth figure in the configuration – change where you are situated several times. Note how your perspective shifts. Dance out something that has been sealed up in you.

Writing: The Three Graces, the ancient Greek goddesses Aglaea ("Shining"), Euphrosyne ("Joy"), and Thalia ("Blooming") have been the subject of artists for centuries. Write a character sketch of someone you hold dear as the fourth grace. What quality do they personify? Use rich imagery and metaphor to describe them. If you are inspired to delve into the mythic, please do!

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