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The Sleep by Autin Wright

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The Sleep by Autin WrightThe Sleep by Autin Wright
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How does the body change with tiredness and the approach of sleep? Where do you feel the release of your muscles and thoughts? What slows down and opens when we enter this realm? The Nap Ministry says, “Rest is Resistance.” How does this resonate with you? What nourishes your rest? What stands in its way?

Movement: Dance with your eyes. Blink as slowly as you can. Open your eyes as widely as possible. Look side to side, up and down, make a circle, follow diagonals. Vary speed, intensity, and range. Follow a path through the water garden with your eyes alone. Consider how you have learned new ways to be expressive through your eyes during this pandemic. When you reach a place of completion, close your eyes, and absorb yourself in the information conveyed through your other senses.

Writing: Write a lullaby that tells a story of the sculpture’s sequence. Consider the emotions that just the eye and mouth can reveal. Note that an entire body is not required to convey great meaning. Write without stopping for five minutes. Stop. Fold your text in half along the vertical. Utilizing the text on only one side of the fold, create a new lullaby.

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