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Linden Tree by Isaac Witkin

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Linden Tree by Isaac WitkinLinden Tree by Isaac Witkin
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How do we honor nature’s infinite variation and genius? Consider the organic shape of the sculpture. The uniqueness of each component, the elongated curves and vertical stretch. Consider the organic shapes in the surrounding trees and plants. A significant work, Linden Tree was the very first sculpture “installed” in the park. Isaac Witkin was one of the original artists involved in the earliest days of Grounds For Sculpture. Imagine all that has transpired here, all that has grown since then to bring you to this very moment.

Movement: Witkin used an experimental technique of pouring molten bronze onto sand to create improvised shapes. The result of this innovative process can be seen in his many works at GFS. Explore fluidity in movement. Connect both with the sculpture and with the water behind it for inspiration. Move continuously for 3-5 minutes. Let one movement be the catalyst for the next. Repetition is welcome. Find flow. Breathe into and release any stagnation or self-judgement. Instead, connect with all the flowing waters within you.

Writing: Linden Trees have been considered sacred by many since ancient times. They are associated with attraction, gentleness, warmth, and peace. Herbalists work with them to support nerves, sleep, and digestion. The heady sweet blossoms and leaves have long been used for divination and spells. Write a love or protection spell. Create a list of materials needed, the procedures involved, and the wishes of the spell. Conjure away!

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