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Leviatano (Nebula) by Michael Shewmaker

Movement Example

Touchstone Audio

Leviatano (Nebula) by Michael ShewmakerLeviatano (Nebula) by Michael Shewmaker
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How do we come to know ourselves through reflection? What mirrors do you look to? How do you discern when a reflection is distorted? How do we reflect back to others? Consider the vibrant energy of the sculpture’s open spiral. Notice the multiple surfaces of highly polished stainless steel that each provide a different dynamic perspective.

Movement: Move around the sculpture. How many reflections of yourself can you see at once? Notice the variety between them, the different ways they twist, curve, and invert. Notice how reflections appear and disappear based on your location. While viewing your many reflections, create a battalion of Leviathans – sea monsters – through your movement. Let your gestures be large and fluid, connect with your strength, power, and intensity to embody such colossal and fierce creatures. Be bold in your playing.

Writing: A nebula is a giant cloud of particles, gases, and dust in space. Some of them form from the remains scattered after the explosion of a supernova. Others are where new stars form. Observe your many reflections in the sculpture. Write yourself as one of these star nurseries. What are your particles? How is such a bright new being formed, birthed, and stewarded by you? How are you vast and expansive? Draw an amorphous cloud shape on your page. Write following the line of the shape, spiraling inward towards the center. Repeat on following pages if you need more space. Continue for at least 7 minutes.

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