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Just Chillin' by Mike Gyampo

Movement Example

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Just Chillin' by Mike GyampoJust Chillin' by Mike Gyampo
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How does letting go of expectations challenge and/or delight you? Are there practices you engage with to help you embrace change? How can one remain a life-long learner? Stand in front of the sculpture. Connect to your breath for a moment. Spend time taking in the work from this spot. Notice the curves, bends, center opening, color, texture, and material. Slowly walk around stopping at each side. What has changed? What remains? Connect with shifts in your body.

Movement: The artist, Mike Gyampo, has described Just Chillin’ as representing a girl kneeling on grass. Our bodies are full of folding parts. Our knees and elbows hinge, our eyelids open and close. Our organs fit within us through complex patterns of layers and folds Explore folding movement. Begin at one point on your body and move out from there. For example: begin with your fingers’ articulations, then add your wrist, your elbow, your shoulders, your neck, etc. Create multiple folds at the same time. Embrace a spirit of discovery. See what opens, what is made possible.

Writing: How do you chill out? When do you feel most relaxed? What does making time for yourself look like? Create a list poem. Title it Methods for Just Chillin’. List at least 5 ways that you like to unwind/rest/relax and short descriptions of at least 5 times you have attained that coveted state. Consider numbering each item of the list or just leave a line brake between every one.

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