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Infinite Life by Kang Muxiang

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Infinite Life by Kang MuxiangInfinite Life by Kang Muxiang
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What does a beginning look like? What about a beginning that is also a continuation? What of legacy? What is reclamation? Is there liberation found in the process of reinvention? How can life be infinite? How might it spiral into itself – finding multitudes in its folds and interiority? Consider the compactness and compression of the sculpture. Consider how far it would stretch if unwound.

Movement: Scan the body of the sculpture. Follow the path of the coils around the figure at least two times. Situate yourself in the area at a middle distance from the work. Beginning at a singular point on your body – perhaps the tip of your hand or the top of your head – start wrapping yourself in an invisible coil drawn with one of your fingers. Let the coils be tight, the distance between them close. Continue this until at least 25% of you has been wrapped in this invisible cable. Come to a point of completion and stillness. Scan your own body.

Writing: Infinite Life is made from a single recycled elevator cable. Formerly, it was part of the elevator system of Taipei 101 – one of the tallest buildings in the world. Keeping your pen continuously connected to the page, write a piece of flash fiction about something finding a radically new and different life just as it is about to be discarded. Let the challenge of never lifting your pen from word to word and line to line inform your story. Let that tension come into the struggle of metamorphosis and rebirth. Write for at least 7 minutes without stopping.

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