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Forth by Mary Shaffer

Movement Example

Touchstone Audio

Forth by Mary ShafferForth by Mary Shaffer
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Consider the metal core of the sculpture. Consider your own core. What gives you structure and support – in your body and in the world around you? What allows all else to emanate forth from you? Notice the ways each of the four sections of the work is unique. Consider how the granite connects to the metal. How the stone tapers upward while being firmly planted to the hill.

Movement: Connect with your spine. As you are able, round your back and then arch it. Gently twist side to side. Breathe into that sensation. Connect with both the stability and fluidity of your back. Place yourself in one of the quadrants of Forth. Reach your arms upward while remaining firmly grounded. Bend your knees. Create more extension, then release. Trace the contours of the stone into the air. Move as you are inspired.

Writing: Divide your page into four quadrants with a small circle in the middle. In the circle, write down an event. In each of the four quadrants, describe the event from a different perspective. Let the voice for each quadrant be unique. Let the texture of the sculpture inform your exploration. Write without stopping for at least 7 minutes.

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