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Arch II, Set II by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas

Movement Example

Touchstone Audio

Arch II, Set II by Elizabeth Strong-CuevasArch II, Set II by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
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How is there distance in closeness? Notice the proximity of the arches to one another. Notice their similarity. What opens and closes because of how they are positioned? How do you navigate misalignment with those closest to you? Are there paths to connection through that terrain? How do you recognize your own patterns or habits in relationships? What supports you when making changes?

Movement: Go to one of the nooks of the sculpture. Make some sound there. Notice the echo. Feel the vibrations. Find a spot in the grassy area. Explore echo through your body. Create a gesture or short movement pattern. Echo it in another area of your body. For example: If your gesture involves your head and arms, what would it be in your hips and legs or your knees and elbows, etc. Create at least three echoes of your original movement.

Writing: Take in the sculpture and the area surrounding it. At the top of your page quickly write 20 words that come to your mind from this location (e.g., concrete, curve, joy, opening, roses, echo, etc.) These words are now your word bank. Create a 14-line piece that incorporates at least 14 of these words. The title must be a question, each line should be no more than 12 syllables.

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