Sculpture Options for Site-Specific Proposals

  • We strongly encourage you to go to Grounds For Sculpture to experience these works in person. Pictures do not do them justice. Please, please reach out to us when you make the trip out...we can be of great help, beforehand and during.  

  • Click on the main picture for each sculpture and use the arrows to view the rest of the set. Pictures and notes provide a better idea of what the piece is like, including factors you may want/need to consider in formulating proposals. Notes can be accessed by either rolling over or clicking on the photos. 2 of the sculptures options do not have photo galleries on our website at this time. Instead, links to photos are included. They are two incredible sculptures, be sure to check them out.  

  • In addition to descriptive details about the work, where possible, we have included artist websites addresses and an imbeded link to more information on the specific sculpture.

  • You may have gentle physical contact with nearly all of the sculptures. If you have questions about how much you can engage, please ask. 

  • Admission fee to the park is waived for your rehearsal times there. 

  • Please contact us with any questions or concerns

  • ***The following images are for the sole purpose of providing prospective Outlet Dance Project choreographers with visual references of the sculptures they may apply to create work in conversation with for the event taking place at Grounds For Sculpture on October 30, 2016. Any use of the images outside of that realm are strictly prohibited.***

all photos on this page by donia salem

Arcs In Disorder by Bernar Venet

This is a large sculpture featuring 4 inverted arcs surrounded by grass.


Please see photos of the work herehere, here, and here


More detailed photos of the work as it is at Grounds For Sculpture to come


Bernar Venet, Arcs in Disorder 4 Arcs x 5, 2002, Cor-Ten steel, 161 x 163.5 x 35.5 inches, each, Courtesy of the Bernar Venet Studio.

Three Indeterminite Lines by Bernar Venet


Please see photos of the work here, here, and here. Video of Mr. Venet speaking about the sculpture here (please note that the sculpture setting at Grounds for sculpture is to be found in the first photo link above). 


More detailed photos of the work as it is at Grounds For Sculpture to come


Bernar Venet, Three Indeterminate Lines, 2005, rolled steel, 98.875 x 99.625 x 116.125 inches, Courtesy of the Bernar Venet Studio

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