Our Mission

The Outlet Dance Project is an annual festival committed to collaboration, community building, interdisciplinary experimentation, and the exploration of the audience/performer relationship. It provides women-identified choreographers of all traditional and nontraditional dance genres an opportunity to share their artistic vision through site-specific dance, stage performance, and film.

The Outlet Dance Project 

Film Fest: October 28th @ 7pm

Day of Dance: October 30th @2pm

Dance on Film Festival: short films by Alissa & Joshua Baird, Jessi Jamz Colon & Bat-Sheva Guez, Monica Campbell, Justina Grayman, Cara Hagen, Nikita Maheshwary, Katherine Maxwell & Jordan Taylor Fuller, Kailee McMurran & Dylan Wilber, Mayumu Minakawa & Tom Weksler, Mitchell Rose & Bebe Miller, Duston Spear, Tanin Torabi, and Jana Younes. Bios of the filmmakers here. Get a sneak peek of the films here. Buy tickets in advance and get a complimentary pass for the Day of Dance!


Day of Dance: live performance with choreography by Ishita Bhattacharya, Janis Brenner, Harika Chatlapalli, Delhi Dance Theater, Amanda Edwards, Jaclyn Gary, Ariel Grossman, Maré Hieronimus, Laura Katz, Fatima Logan-Alston, Boroka Nagy, Blythe Erica Smith, Meggi Sweeney Smith, Maxine Steinman, Kimberly Tate, Harlee Trautman, Blakeley White-McGuire, and Hee Ra Yoo. Bios of Choreographers here. Buy park admission in advance and save!


Sculptures featured in site-specific work: The Awakening by Seward Johnson // da Vinci's knot by Robert Lobe // Split Ritual II by Beverly Pepper // Untitled (Steelroots) by Steven Tobin // Arcs in Disorder: 4 Arcs x 5 by Bernar Venet // Eolith by Isaac Witkin // Ode to a Possum by Isaac Witkin // Wind, Water, Stone by Elyn Zimmerman. Bios of the Featured Sculptors here.

Confrontational Vulnerability
We Have Been Obscured
Powell 7
If i perish, I perish...
Fasten by Taylor Donofrio
Wildflower by Katherine Maxwell
Bridge Suite: Bearing Witness
Keystone by Carolyn Dorfman
Melt by Heather Harrington
Angels Breath
This by Boroka Krisztina Nagy
The Love that Remains. 2013
knock, knock, who's scared?
Passages to...
Under Toe