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The Outlet Dance Project

Celebrate 14 Years of Dance with us!

Film Fest: October 4th @ 7pm 

Day of Dance: October 7th @2pm

DANCE ON FILM FEST: Short films by Allison Beda & Tara Cheyenne Friendenberg ♦ Jade Charon ♦ Ilana Goldman & Gabriel Williams ♦ Sima Gonsai & Lee Fisher ♦ Justina Grayman & Vance "Johnny Hobbes" Brown ♦ Cara Hagan & Robert Uehlin ♦ Raven Jackson, Donald C. Shorter, & Felipe Vera de Ray ♦ Anna Maria Jóakimsdóttir Hutri, Maria Saivosalmi, & Andrius Katinas ♦ Lisa Kusanagi & JuJu Kusanagi ♦ Sharon Leahy ♦ Jasmine Lynea & Annielille Gavino ♦ Marlene Millar & Sandy Silva♦ Alice Pennefather & Charles Haswell♦ Paulina Rutman ♦ Shantala Shivalingappa, Marlene Millar, & Philip Szporer ♦ Zornitsa Stoyanova ♦ Bios of the Film Fest Artists here. Descriptions and stills from each of the films hereBuy tickets in advance and get a complimentary pass for the Day of Dance!

DAY OF DANCE: Live performance with choreography by Leilani Chirino ♦ Tina Croll ♦ Amy DiLorenzo ♦ Shana El ♦ Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch ♦ Annielille Gavino & Malaya Cassandra ♦ Swathi Jaisankar & Sophia Salingaros (IndianRaga) ♦ Tzveta Kassabova ♦ Aliya Kerim  (Aarzu) ♦ Women of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation ♦ Tumi Nkomo ♦ Jenna Silva & Nia Imani Simmons ♦ Soles of Duende ♦ Zoe Walders ♦ Esraa Warda ♦  Bios of Choreographers here. Purchase park admission in advance online or in person!


FEATURED SCULPTURES: Lintel by Emilie Benes Brzezinski ♦ oof by James Carl ♦ Damascus Gate by Walter Dusenbury ♦ Trio by Sarah Haviland ♦ Harmony 3 by Daniel Kainz ♦ Arch II, Set II by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas ♦ Bull #4 & Bull #5 by Peter Woytuk ♦ Bios of the Featured Sculptors here.

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You Shelter Me
Threads in Inertia
Lignum de Vita [Tree of Life]
Untitled #1
Lost, Found, Lost
Dhol Tasha Jallosh
between the bars
Ocean Born
Seven Fold
Brakish Water
Variations on a Box
Snap Out of It
The Outlet Dance Project 2017
San Jo
Seven Fold
I'm Ready to Go
Confrontational Vulnerability
Under Toe
We Have Been Obscured
The Love That Remains
Dispossession Property
Angel's Breath
Four Lines
Bridge Suite: Bearing Witness
knock, knock, who's scared?

Our Mission

The Outlet Dance Project is committed to providing artists who identify or have identified as women an opportunity to share their artistic vision through site-specific dance, film, and work created for the stage. In partnership with Grounds For Sculpture – an internationally renowned contemporary sculpture park – collaboration, community building, and interdisciplinary experimentation are an integral part of the festival. The Outlet is dedicated to supporting all traditional and nontraditional dance forms. The festival celebrates the intersections of visual and moving arts, exploring relationships between sculpture and dance, between place and movement. 

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