Sculpture Options for 2014 Site-Specific Proposals

  • Thank you for your interest in being a part of The Outlet Dance Project. Our 2014 Call for Submissions period is closed. The call for submissions for next year's festival will be put out in the Spring of 2015. Please note: sculpture options change almost completely from year to year. 

  • We strongly encourage you to go to Grounds For Sculpture to experience these works in person. Pictures do not do them justice. Please reach out to us when you make the trip out. 

  • These pictures and notes are meant to provide a better idea of what the piece is like, including factors you may want/need to consider in formulating proposals. Notes can be accessed by either rolling over or clicking on the photos (which also allows you to see the complete pic in a larger size).

  • You can have gentle physical contact with all of the sculptures. If you have questions about how much you can engage, please ask.

  • Admission fee to the park is waived for your rehearsal times there. 

  • Please contact us with any questions or concerns

photos on this page by donia salem

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